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Guide to Buying an Espresso Coffee Grinder

Guide to Buying an Espresso
Coffee Grinder

Grinding coffee yourself is one of the most important aspects to making great coffee. In fact, some experts claim they can produce a better espresso with a $200 grinder and a $150 espresso machine than the other way around.

Types of Coffee Grinder

There are two types of coffee grinder: blade grinders and burr grinders.

Blade Coffee Grinders

Blade coffee grinderBlade coffee grinders work by spinning two metal blades at very high speed. They are fast and inexpensive, but create a lot of heat and friction and do not produce a uniform grind.

Blade coffee grinders are not recommended for making espresso. To make espresso, grinds consistent in shape and size must be used so the water can evenly extract the flavor from the coffee. Inconsistent grinds produce bitter espresso with a weak flavor. Additionally, the heat created by blade coffee grinders usually produces a bitter or burnt flavor.

Burr Coffee Grinders

Burr coffee grinderBurr coffee grinders work by crushing the coffee beans between one spinning and one stationary metal disk.

In comparison to blade coffee grinders, burr grinders produce a far more consistent and precise grind and generate less heat and friction in the process.

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